Show Eleven

The Mac Gaming Show

Marathon Widow
BattleZone (the first 3-D game)
Pathways Into Darkness
Chris Enters Marathon…literally!
The Birth of Humiliation
Humiliation Returnz!
Chris Dreams A Solution
Shared Myst
Apple News: Google X
Ambrosia Software
Podcast of The Week: The Pez Podcast
Shareware of the Week: iSeek
Mail from Liverpool
Contest: Win iPod FM Transmitter from and My Mac Guys

Show Seventeen

Open Folder

Crashing MTV’s Network
Hank’s Networking Rant
Chris trashes Airport Express Software
T-Mobile Hot Spots
Starbuck’s Sux
Hanks Rant: Searching on the Mac
Metasearching in Tiger (incorrectly called Cheetah by Hank)
Google Maps
Chris’ Rant: Battery Life
Man on The Street Interview: What is Podcasting?
My Mac Guys Debate: Podcasting Numbers
Shareware Pick: Web Confidential